Bighorn River — Flows were increased a bit last week to 7984 CFS. Water temps warming up a bit as well to 43 degrees. Water clarity at least 6-8 feet down to Bighorn Access. A few of our guides have been fishing all the way down to Mallards Landing. Streamer fishing has been exceptionally good as small emerald shiners are being washed over the spillway from the reservoir and are dazed as they are washed into the river. Best streamer patterns have been White/Pearl Zonkers, Sherick’s Hatchery Smolt, and Foxy Fry (all in size 6). We are still seeing good Baetis hatches on cloudy days with some midges present. For the best opportunities look for areas of slower water. For the midge hatch use a Hi-Vis Griffith’s Gnat (14-16) trailed with a gray, black or red Smokejumper (16-18). For Baetis use a Blue Winged Olive Parachute trailed by a Black Baetis Emerger (16-18). Subsurface use an orange or red Wire Worm (4-6) trailed by a beadhead black or red Midge Larvae (both in 16-18). — Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop, Fort Smith.