Flows were dropped by another 500cfs last week and as of Monday were at 3,735 cfs. The water temp increased a bit and stands at 63.3 degrees. The reservoir is no longer into the flood pool and continues to drop. Water turbidity remains at 2-3 feet. Not much for dry fly activity other than the Trico hat   in the mornings. Trico fishing has been productive from roughly 6 a.m. till the spinner fall from about 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Best patterns have been Pearl Butt Trico’s and Real Wing Spinners (sizes 18-22). Also the black Pulsating Emerger (18-20) has been working well. We have been taking some fish on Hopper patterns even though there is minimal hopper hatches. Best patterns have been Fat Frank’s (tan) and Grand Hoppers (Tan) in sizes 10-12. Nymphing has been improving. Patterns producing well have been Gray Poxyback Sowbugs (16-18) trailed with a red or black Tung Teaser (18-20). Streamer fishing remains good. White Zonkers with pearl or silver bodies, and either white or ghost Cousin It’s are the top patterns.