Flows dropped last week and currently are at 4289.2 cubic feet per second. Water clarity remains the same at 6-8 feet. The water temperature has increased and is up to 61.2 degrees, which has led to some reports of a sporadic caddis hatch. We even had a few anglers last week who caught and released a few fish on hoppers, mainly using the Miller Time Hopper (8-10). Not sure if they are striking at them out of curiosity or actually seeking them out. There is currently a good trico hatch occurring in the mornings but you have to be an early riser. The dun hatch begins before 6am and the spinner fall happens from roughly 8am till 10am on most mornings. Best patterns have been the Trico RS2 CDC and the Trico Perfect Spinner in sizes 20.  If you are going to try for hatches late evening it has been best using Black Rip Cord Caddis or Black Henryville Caddis (16-18). Nymph fishing was slow last week as the trout are keying in on the Tricos and Black
Caddis. The only nymph fishing has been on fairly large Bighorn Orange Scuds sizes 12-14