Flows have dropped considerably since last week and are currently at 6,567 cfs. Watch for possible decreases yet this week. Water clarity remains 6-8 feet. Soap Creek should not be an issue for the remainder of the summer unless we receive some thunderstorms. The water temperature has increased and is up to 58.6 degrees. Which has led to some reports of a caddis hatch here and there though sporadic. Dry fly fishing is still slow but once the flows decrease to below 5000 cfs it should pick up immediately.  Nymph fishing has still been your best bet. Hot patterns include Pete’s Carpet Bug tan, Firebead Soft Hackle Sowbug tan and Firebead Soft Hackle Ray Charles tan (all in 14-16), trailed behind either orange or red Gummi (Squirmy) San Juan Worms.