Bighorn River — Flows were dropped a bit last week and as of Monday were at 8,993 cfs. The water temp is still increasing as warmer water is being released through the spillway and stands at 66.4 degrees. The reservoir is 4.5 feet into the flood pool and dropping. Water turbidity is improving with clarity at 2-3 feet. We are still seeing some significant black caddis hatches on the river during the afternoons and evenings as well as a very good trico hatch during the early mornings. Dry fly fishing remains most productive. The best top water patterns include Black Hemmingway Caddis and Black Elk Hair Caddis in sizes 18-20. Trico fishing has been productive from roughly 6 a.m. till the spinner fall about 8 a.m. Best patterns have been Double Wing and Triple Wing Spinners in sizes 18-22. Nymphing has been fair, patterns producing well have been Gray Poxyback Sowbugs sizes 16-18 trailed with a red or black Tung Teaser (18-20). Streamer fishing has remained good. White Zonkers with pearl or silver bodies and either white or ghost Cousin It’s are the top patterns. — Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop, Fort Smith.