Flows are currently just a bit above 14,107 cfs. Water clarity still remains 6-8 feet before Soap Creek dumps in. With the downpour we had Saturday evening Soap Creek is very high and muddy and producing quite a stain as it enters the Bighorn. Not much fishing after that. The water temperature remained at 53 degrees as more water is being released over the spillway. Dry fly fishing is non-existent with these high flows. Streamer fishing still remains good, though not as hot as last week. Best streamer patterns have been white/pearl Zonkers, Sherick’s Hatchery Smolt, and Foxy Fry (all in size 6). Nymph fishing has been very good as crustaceans are still being dislodged with the higher flows. Hot patterns include Pete’s Carpet bug tan, Firebead Soft Hackle Sowbug tan and Firebead Soft Hackle Ray Charles tan, all in sizes 14-16, trailed behind either orange or red Gummi (Squirmy) San Juan Worms.