Shortly after I took this video the BOR again raised the flows another 500cfs. So current flows are 13045 CFS, water temp 46.6 degrees. Snowpack levels in the Bighorn and Wind River drainages are still at 145-190% above normal. With the high temps forecast for this weekend we should see runoff increase dramatically into the reservoirs. Hopefully they have been lowered sufficiently to keep the impact to a minimum. The trout remain stacked up in any space there is slack water. Back channels, along the bank and any inside corners. The biggest change from last week has been the shiner minnow impact. Right now a huge number of shiner minnows have been getting flushed into the river from the reservoir and the trout are feeding very heavy on them. Streamer fishing has been spectacular. White Zonkers, White Cousin It’s or any other white streamers have been working great! Nymph fishing is still excellent as well. Best success has been using Wire San Juan Worms, colors red or Fl Orange sizes 6-8 trailed by any crustacean pattern. Try a Bighorn Orange Scud, Firebead Ray Charles or Soft Hackled Sowbugs in colors of Pink or tan. Larger sizes 14-16 work the best. I would recommend that only those people with lots of rowing experience to be on the river with these huge flows. No room for mistakes. Be careful on the take outs and have a good trip!