Bighorn River — Flows have remained stable again this week and were at 3,018 cfs as of Monday. Flows should remain at this level for a while. Water clarity has not improved and is still at 2-3 feet as there is quite a lot of algae growth in the reservoir. The water temperature has remained in the lower 60s. Fishing was slow last week with the fluctuations of weather patterns and this week looks much the same. The Trico hatch has ebbed and flowed this last week mainly due to the fluctuations of the air temperatures and weather. The hatch begins before 7 a.m. and the spinner fall happens from roughly 8 a.m. till 10 a.m. on most mornings. Morning winds have been making it near impossible to predict good days or bad days. Best patterns have been the Trico RS2 CDC, the Trico Perfect Spinner and the Drowned Trico, all in size 20. If you are going to try for hatches late in the evening, it has been best using Black Rip Cord Caddis or Black Henryville Caddis (16-18), even though this hatch is sputtering. Nymph fishing continues to be slow. The only productive nymph fishing has been on fairly large Bighorn Orange Scuds (12-14) trailed by a Psuedo nymph (22).