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Bighorn River Fishing Conditions as of June 25, 2019

Currently, Bighorn River flows have been dropped some to 10,125 cfs. Not sure how long this will last as the cut back is in response to flooding in the midwest states. The flows coming into Yellowtail are in that 12,000 to 13,500 range and we are currently 25% into our flood pool. Hopefully, inflows will begin to drop. Water temps have been in the lower 50’s and the fishing has been very good. We had one guide trip yesterday that had 4 doubles and ended the day with over 40 trout! No dry fly fishing to speak of but again nymph fishing has been very good. Pert near the same flies as previous. As in Scud, sowbug and worm patterns. The best success has been using a wire San Juan worm in colors red or orange sizes 6-8. Trailed by a UV Eddie Vedder sowbug in tan or grey sizes 14 or a Wayno’s Cotton Candy same size. Roughly 18 inches behind the worm. Good luck and have a safe 4th of July!

Bighorn River Conditions and Fishing Report as of May 22, 2019

Current flows are just a bit over 4000 CFS and will be rising again next week. Water clarity is good until the confluence with Soap Creek. Water temps are up above 40 degrees so the trout are becoming more active. Some midge and baetis action later during the afternoon and evening. For best results use Griffith’s Gnats, Midge Clusters and red or black Smoke Jumpers in sizes 18-20. For beneath the surface best action has been on size 14-16 Bighorn Orange scuds, Tan or Pink Soft Hackle Ray Charles trailed behind a Size 8 Orange San Juan worm.

Bighorn River conditions and Fishing Report as of May 8,2019

Bighorn River conditions on the upper 10 miles of the river are still excellent with visibility in the 6-8 foot range. The downturn of course comes with the flow from Soap Creek which is running very high and muddy due to rainstorms the last few days. Expect this to subside in just a few days as drier weather is forecast for this week. Flows remain in the 3500-3700 range with water temps in the upper 30’s. Fishing is picking up with an increase in water temps but dry fly action is still quite sporadic. The midge hatches are there but the trout just aren’t keyed in on them. So still mostly nymphing with the usual Orange or Red San Juans followed by a Tan or Pink Soft Hackled Ray Charles in sizes 14-16. Some success on Bighorn Orange Scuds same sizes as well as a trailer. Good Luck!

Bighorn River conditions as of April 24, 2019

River flows this week were raised from 3250 cfs to 3500 cfs in anticipation of the start of spring runoff. Water clarity is very good with most spots 6-8 feet in visibility before Soap Creek enters the river. After Soap Creek just stay river left and you will be able to fish all the way down to Bighorn Access. Water temps are still very cold with readings in the 34-36 degree area. Fishing has been fair but not great. Trout are very lethargic. Little dry fly action (Few midges and Baetis). The fish that are being caught have been on what you would expect this time of the season. Large San Juan worms (Red or Orange in sizes 8) trailed by large scuds or sowbugs. Scuds in Dark Orange or Bighorn Orange sizes 12-14 and Sowbugs in the Soft Hackle pattern, colors Pink or Tan in sizes 12-14 as well. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks both water and air temps will be increasing ushering in better fishing.

Bighorn River Conditions as of April 9,2019

Bighorn Fishing Report- Current river flow is 3250 CFS. Water temps are in between 34 and 36 degrees. The trout are still lethargic with these cold water temps but a few fish are still being taken. Have seen some midge activity but not enough to get excited about. Most actions is still subsurface with best patterns of the Bighorn Dark Orange Scud trailed behind a red or orange ultrachenille San Juan worm. Worms in sizes 8-10 and Scuds in sizes 14-16. Fish slower water to give the fish some time to come in for the take! Soap creek is kicking out a little dirt but not enough to dirty the Horn.

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