Fort Smith
Mostly Cloudy
6:28am7:55pm MDT

Bighorn River conditions as of March 23,2021. Current flows are at 2200 cfs and water temps are in the lower 40’s. Fishing has been good, with mostly nymphs producing the bulk of the bite. Midges are active so we have been trailing Glass Bead Midge Larvae colors red, black and rootbeer size 18-20 behind an attractor. As for the attractor use Bighorn scuds in larger sizes 12-14 colors Bighorn Orange, Bighorn Pink. Also Soft Hackle Beadhead Sowbugs in the same sizes and colors. Hasn’t been much top water action as the midges that are hatching have been getting blown off the water with every slightest breeze. We should have a warmup by this weekend, so enjoy!