Fort Smith
Mostly Cloudy
6:28am7:55pm MDT

Bighorn River Conditions as of March 30,2021. Current flows are at 2200 CFS, visibility is 6-8 feet, with Soap creek currently running clear. Water temps are just a bit over 40 degrees, so the trout are somewhat lethargic. So the take is slight. Midge Pupae are the main menu right now with patterns of Glass Bead Midge Pupae (Zebra Midges) in sizes 18-20, in red, black and rootbeer. Trail this behind a large Sowbug or Scud pattern, sizes 12-14, colors Bighorn Orange or Bighorn Pink. In the sowbugs use them in the Firebead Soft Hackle pattern. Streamer fishing will improve in a few more weeks once the Rainbows begin to spawn and starting making their territory. Tight Lines!