Fort Smith
5:25am9:03pm MDT

Currently, Bighorn River flows have been dropped some to 10,125 cfs. Not sure how long this will last as the cut back is in response to flooding in the midwest states. The flows coming into Yellowtail are in that 12,000 to 13,500 range and we are currently 25% into our flood pool. Hopefully, inflows will begin to drop. Water temps have been in the lower 50’s and the fishing has been very good. We had one guide trip yesterday that had 4 doubles and ended the day with over 40 trout! No dry fly fishing to speak of but again nymph fishing has been very good. Pert near the same flies as previous. As in Scud, sowbug and worm patterns. The best success has been using a wire San Juan worm in colors red or orange sizes 6-8. Trailed by a UV Eddie Vedder sowbug in tan or grey sizes 14 or a Wayno’s Cotton Candy same size. Roughly 18 inches behind the worm. Good luck and have a safe 4th of July!