Current flows are steady at 2500CFS and water temps are in the mid 50’s. We are seeing a progressions of hatches as the water warms up. Combination of Black Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, Psuedo’s and Hoppers. For patterns- Adult Black Slowwater Caddis 16-18, trailed by a Black Angel Emerger 18-20. Let the swing come to a complete stop as that is when the trout will take the emerger. As for PMD’s the Mercers Poxyback PMD ( as well as the Beadhead version) 14-16 as well as the PMD Downey Wonder nymph. On the Wonder nymph I just grease the tippet up to the fly and leave it suspended in the film. As for the Psuedo’s I use Psuedo Quill Nymphs or Psuedo Wonder Nymph 18-22. Hoppers are best with White Cloud Hopper (Natural or Pink) 8-12 or Yellowstone Hopper same color, same sizes.