Fort Smith
6:55am7:15pm MDT

Wow! River conditions and fishing could not be better. Flows are currently at 2400 CFS and water temps are in the mid 50’s.There is some grass growth but minimal and really no floating grass. Thank goodness for low water temps. The fishing has been phenomenal with very good nymphing and good dry fly action during the evenings, Favorite nymph patterns have been Ray Charles or Soft Hackled Ray Charles, colors tan sizes 14-16. They may be taking this for a caddis pupae. Trail this with a Pheasant Tail sizes 14-16. There are a lot of Black Caddis during the evenings and still some PMD’s. Best patterns here are Black Slow Water Caddis sizes 16-18 and Mercers Poxy back PMD sizes 14-16. Tight Lines!