Fort Smith
5:25am9:03pm MDT

Current flows are at 9000 cfs. A drop of 500 cfs occurred this week. Water temp is right at 58 degrees. We believe peak flows are past and should see a considerable drop in the flows over the next few weeks. With the drop in flows water temps should drop as well as less and less water is allowed over the spillway. We are currently seeing some hatches occur on the river as in sporadic black caddis, PMD’s and yellow sallies. But with the high flows there is little opportunity for both wade fishing and slack dry fly water. Once flows recede to 5000 cfs conditions will greatly improve. This week as in the past it’s all nymph fishing. Best success has been on Eddie Veder’s Sowbug tan or gray in sizes 14,16 trailed behind a red or orange Wire San Juan worm. Also being used in Wayno’s Cotton Candy same sizes but in the pink color. Good Luck Fishing!