Fort Smith
6:04am8:30pm MDT

Bighorn River conditions as of July 19, 2020. Flows currently are in the 2500cfs range, not the 3000cfs as I mentioned in the video. Water temps are still quite cool in the mid 40’s. As I mentioned a few PMD’s are hatching and as I was leaving the access I did notice a few very small (size 18) tan caddis. Lots of hoppers! Favorite nymph patterns have still been the Firebead Soft Hackle Ray Charles in sizes 14,16 and colors Pink, Gray or Tan. The Zebra midges (Glass Bead Midge Larvae) as a trailer have been doing very well. Sizes 18-20 colors change through out the day but mostly Black, Red or Cream. As for Hoppers in the afternoon best success has been on the White Cloud Hopper or Yellowstone Hopper in colors Tan or Peach sizes 8-12. Watch for some good caddis action beginning soon!