Fort Smith
5:25am9:03pm MDT

Flows on the Bighorn River were reduced three times last week and are currently at 6985 CFS. Water temps remain in that 58-59 degree range. During the evening hours we are getting some pretty decent hatches of black and sedge (tan) caddis. With the high flows though there is not a lot of opportunity to dry fly fish. Best dry fly action has been on Hoppers using Peach More or Less Hoppers or Peach White Cloud Hoppers in size 8-14. Go figure-I have never seen a peach bottomed hopper in the wild. For nymphing we are still using Firebead Ray Charles or Firebead Soft Hackle Ray Charles in sizes 14-16, colors Tan, Gray or pink trailed behind a red or orange Wire Worm. The dry fly fishing will pick up rapidly once the flows get down into that 5000 CFS range which should be in the next week or so. Until then good luck fishing. Also check out my hopper hatch video below when I was cutting the lot next to our lodge in Ft Smith.