Fort Smith
Mostly Cloudy
5:53am8:23pm MDT

Bighorn River conditions on the upper 10 miles of the river are still excellent with visibility in the 6-8 foot range. The downturn of course comes with the flow from Soap Creek which is running very high and muddy due to rainstorms the last few days. Expect this to subside in just a few days as drier weather is forecast for this week. Flows remain in the 3500-3700 range with water temps in the upper 30’s. Fishing is picking up with an increase in water temps but dry fly action is still quite sporadic. The midge hatches are there but the trout just aren’t keyed in on them. So still mostly nymphing with the usual Orange or Red San Juans followed by a Tan or Pink Soft Hackled Ray Charles in sizes 14-16. Some success on Bighorn Orange Scuds same sizes as well as a trailer. Good Luck!